Getting Started with Shopify: Is Shopify shipping it yourself?

How do you handle these orders when your Shopify website generates an order? How to ship?


How do you handle these orders when your Shopify website generates an order? How to ship? Here we will see how to deal with it. Shopify can choose to ship third-party overseas warehouses, so you can choose not to ship it yourself.

Shopify’s shipping settings Shipping


What can be sold on Shopify can be either physical or virtual electronic media or services. Therefore, you can decide whether to check this product requires shipping according to your actual situation.

Weight is the actual weight of the product. This data is more important. Shopify will use it to calculate the shipping cost. Therefore, the Weight here should be filled with the weight of the shipping package to prevent unnecessary loss in shipping costs.

The unit of Weight defaults to Kg, you can change the default weight unit to g or lb, oz in the background of Shopify Setting – General – Standare and formats. See what is the unit of measure used in your major markets. For example, if the primary market is the United States, it is recommended to use LB in weight units. The user experience is relatively good.

HS tariff code The code for the tariff charge generated when the goods are exported from the United States to other countries. It is not required to be filled in the country.

Fulfillment Service is the delivery method set for self-delivery Manual or third-party overseas warehouse. The default is only Manual. You can activate third-party overseas warehouse delivery services on the Settings – Shipping –Additional shipping methods – Dropshipping and fulfillment services page. Currently, Shopify supports the following providers – Shipwire, Rakuten, Fulfillment by Amazon.


Delivery method setting

You can also add other overseas warehouse delivery services by clicking Add Custom fulfilment series. But the function is relatively simple, just add an email address of the overseas warehouse service, all the order information will be sent to the service provider’s mailbox, and they will complete the order delivery according to the order information in the mail.


Shopify can choose the third method for overseas warehouse shipment, so you can choose not to ship it yourself.

These chiffon shirts are paired to give you a refreshing feeling throughout the summer

In the summer, the chiffon shirts on the market have become a big focus. Many women like to wear chiffon shirts. The texture of the chiffon shirt is light and transparent, soft and elastic, with a light and elegant appearance. It has good breathability and drapability. It is elegant and comfortable to wear. How to dress better than others? Let’s take a look at the mix below.

Chiffon shirt

Chiffon is pure cotton, less soft and comfortable, more light and soft; less flexible and skin-friendly, more cool and transparent; less pure nature, more urban beauty, so, phase Compared with urban leisure, chiffon is more close to elegant and fashionable. It not only has a rigorous and meticulous countertop, but also enjoys the idle time in the afternoon. The comprehensive circle is set as a fashion versatile king.

Chiffon shirt + wide leg pants

The way to deal with the summer heat is nothing more than the air conditioner, watermelon, wireless network, and most importantly, the fashion dress. The first three are not difficult. The hard part is how to make good use of the fourth method, from simple to simple. Complex, see how chiffon shirts can cope with the summer.

Chiffon shirt

The design of the chiffon shirt is usually more relaxed and the dangle of the chiffon fabric is more handsome. With the same handsome wide-leg pants, walking up the road to create a gust of wind, casual solid color, while hiding the excess meat, very A fresh style.

Chiffon shirt

Doll collar bottom coat trumpet sleeve chiffon shirt

Chiffon shirt + skirt

Chiffon shirts are not a product of summer, but chiffon shirts have a relationship with the summer. No way, this is the fate of the underworld, who makes the advantages of both sides coincide with each other’s shortcomings, a hot, cool and cool.

Chiffon shirt

The fresh and fashionable chiffon shirt gives a cool feeling. Its material is more elegant, and it has a sweet smell. It is especially suitable for small girls to wear, and the overall proportion of the skirt is stretched to wear a high temperament.

Chiffon shirt

Very fairy floral chiffon top

Chiffon shirt with denim shorts

The chiffon shirt has a faint hues, and the first time is the clean and fresh beginning of life. The brisk print is just right to abandon the bleak, and the words are still shy to play a little clear fashion, but still retain The purity of the girl is good.

Chiffon shirt

A playful printed shirt with denim shorts is the coolest and most commonly worn outfit this summer. It has a small cuff or tasseled trousers design. It has a special personality and will be even thinner with a belt.

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Bow polka dot long sleeve shirt, foreign chiffon

Chiffon shirt

Summer new Korean version of high waist irregular jeans